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Shipping Policy

Shipping Process:
Upon payment confirmation, VedaneQ will arrange for the shipment of your product. We are dedicated to ensuring timely deliveries for customers across the country. An estimated delivery date will be provided, and the shipment will be dispatched accordingly. If any delays occur, please feel free to reach out to VedaneQ. Delays may arise due to factors like product import and availability. Please note that all products undergo brand code verification, which can occasionally cause delivery delays, and discrepancies in orders might also lead to delays.

Dispatch Time:
All products are shipped and dispatched within 2-3 working days. Typically, a standard delivery takes approximately 15 days. Our commitment is to dispatch orders promptly and ensure that customers receive their products within the stipulated timeframe.

Delivery Requirements:
To ensure the successful and timely delivery of your order, kindly provide accurate billing details along with the correct pin code and telephone number. A representative must be present to receive the order and sign the shipment receipt during delivery.

Missed Delivery Attempt:
In the event that a delivery attempt is unsuccessful due to the absence of the recipient, additional shipping charges might be applicable for subsequent attempts. To avoid these extra charges, we recommend informing security, reception, or neighbors about the expected delivery.

Address Changes:
Once an order has been shipped, it cannot be redirected to a new address. If an address change is necessary, it might be required to cancel the existing order and place a new one. Please note that this process could involve shipping and handling charges for the initial order.

Please be aware that once a package has been dispatched, rerouting it to a different address is not feasible. If a change of address is needed, the box would need to return to the warehouse for address verification before being shipped to the new destination. Additional shipping charges will apply for this service.

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