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VEDANEQ ADVANCE PLANT BASED FLAXSEED CAPSULES SUPPLEMENT 500MG| THE PUREST FORMULA FOR FEEL HEALTHY BE HEALTHY At VedaneQ, we are committed to your health. For many years we have been making trusted products, backed by science, and made with only the purest ingredients…assured. So you can get the most out of life every day. Why You Flax Seeds Supplement? Rich in essential Omega 3, 6, & 9 fatty acids, people are turning to flax seed oil because it provides excellent digestion, heart, hair, skin, and nail support. It also provides immune and antioxidant support.... VedaneQ Flaxseed Oil is plant based extract capsules, organic and of non-GMO origin. Our plant based extract formula has undergone a meticulous preparation process to produce a truly premium product. We’ve chosen plant based flaxseeds extract for pure and high quality omega 3, 6, 9, because it is more convenient to take than flaxseed oil liquid, powder and softgel. Ingredients & Benefits INGREDIENTS : Flaxseeds Error Benefits Support Heart Health* Healthy Brain Function* Provide Immune Support* Healthy Hair, Skin & Nails* Natural Support for a Life Well Lived* Note - This product helps and benefited with the proper exercise and diet. License Under FSSAI- GMP- ISO - 100% Natural - 100% Vegan.

VedaneQ flaxseed oil capsules 500mg for Natural Source of Omega 3- 6- 9, 90 Caps

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