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VedaneQ Activated Coconut Charcoal is an incredible detoxifier. Its surface is covered by millions of tiny pores that bind and capture all manner of toxins. Being used in emergency rooms around the world to support detoxification after the ingestion of chemical or environmental poisons. It is sometimes used for: -Supporting a healthy detox regime -Relieving stomach discomfort -Easing gas and bloating after certain meals -Helping the body to expel irritants after food poisoning -Cleansing skin pores as a DIY face mask -Teeth Whitening -Hangover prevention Why Choose Purely Beneficial’s Activated Coconut Charcoal 500mg? Simple…You are getting the purest form of key ingredients for your body. Activated Coconut Charcoal 500mg supplement is made entirely from the highest quality organic coconut shells and is ground to an ultra-fine powder for maximum surface area and absorbency. Designed and formulated for Maximum effect and a wealth of benefits. Our mission as a company is to provide you with the highest quality ingredients we can get our hands on for each and every product we produce. Organic Activated Charcoal delivers 500 mg per serving of organic activated charcoal which is the highest mg count available on the market. Our 100 vegan tablets dissolve quickly, contain no gelatin (dead cow) and are absorbed significantly better with slow releasing tablets. * Our superior organic activated charcoal is 100% natural derived from organic coconut shells free of chemicals and additives. You get a bigger bang for your buck, getting you more organic activated charcoal per serving than any other supplement out there. Our 500 mg per serving formula provides the most potent supplement on the market with superior absorption.*

VedaneQ Activated Coconut Charcoal for Gas,Bloating, Detoxification 500 (30tab)

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